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The Face behind the Brand. Part 1: My Career

When I was younger I told my parents I wanted to be a designer. I didn’t know what I wanted to design, just knew I was creative and enjoyed graphical communication and art.

I was told I had to become a lawyer.

Barely passed my GCSEs, failed all my A levels and managed to get into a HND legal studies course at university. Moved to Birmingham for a year to get away from home - hated it, flunked the year. Started again in Bucks, after the first year I managed to get onto the Law degree course. Passed first two years, failed last year, retook and still failed.

Not a surprise when I was working three jobs (Audi receptionist and driver, legal assistant and Appropriate Adult for the police - Audi driver was fun! I was one of the first to drive the new RS4 back in the day! (If you know you know! 😉) Graduated from University with a Diploma in Law, no degree. I was ashamed, I felt I wasn’t good enough, I wasn't clever enough so I lied on my CV. I’ve never said this out aloud before because I hate liars and dishonesty but I didn't see any other way. I have forgiven myself now.

I manifested my ideal job which at the time was… to earn a Central London wage outside of Central London with a car parking space 😂 as I didn't want to use public transport - I have always loved driving. I worked there for 13 years before I left to do the school runs. I loved my job, and I was good at it! Proved myself to be even better than a fully qualified solicitor, felt valued and loved the work family - banter-ful - cooked lunches, I can genuinely say there was only a handful of times I felt like “ah I really can’t face going in today” and that was usually after a work Christmas do or a work piss up!

But priorities changed, the kids took over and Trisha C Design Limited was created. However… lockdown came into affect just before launch and so I put my sewing skills into making and donating over 2500 face masks to keyworker all over the UK from Edinburgh to Southampton. Coming out of lockdown I discovered the powerful energy of crystals. My intuition was heightened, my spirituality was growing and ventured into it deeper. My spiritual journey story I'm leaving for another time. I am a qualified crystal healer now. I am an essential oil practitioner now. I am training in Reiki and studying my Advanced Crystal Healing Course now. Within two years of starting my own business I was turning over 5 figures. To date the most I have turned over was £2k in one day.

Why does money dictate how successful we are? I became abundant when I started to believe I am abundant. I'm also leaving "our relationship with money" for another time too. But more importantly I have met some amazing people along the way, just as nutty as I am. I have met people that will listen to what I have to say, I pass on the knowledge I have learned and know and I have loved and continue to love every second of it! I treasure this the most. I love what I do and I will continue to do what I do as long as I love it! Work is not a ‘negative’ word for me because it brings me so much joy doing what I do, creating, learning, connecting. This is me living in the moment.

Trisha C.

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