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White Threads

Bespoke Bags

Why not upcycle an item of clothing you love that you no longer wear

but cannot bring yourself to dispose of?


Not only will you have something new from something old but you'll also be helping the

environment by recycling, reusing and repurposing.



Get in touch!

Contact us for your 

complimentary initial consultation. Let us have details of the item & material (the thicker the material the better) and what your requirements are.


Get a quote!

Within 7 days we will provide you with quote and timescale. If all is ok and you are happy then a non-returnable deposit of 50% will be requested with remaining balance due on on completion of the project.


Get your stuff!

Send us your material and we will get to work! When your gorgeous bespoke item is ready, and the remaining balance has been sent to us, we will send it to you by secure delivery.

Previous Bespoke Projects

Wedding Shawl
Zipper Clutch Bag
Zipper Clutch Bag
Flap Clutch Bag
Flap Clutch Bag

"Trisha has beautifully repurposed my mother’s gold and red wedding shawl into a stunning clutch and bag! 

The shawl had been stored away after the wedding, pushed somewhere far back into the closet collecting dust. It carries such sentimental value and now the bags can now be used by my mum and myself throughout the years. Such a wonderful and thoughtful idea. Thank you Trisha x"


Mrs N. Ahmed

“It’s amazing what can be created from an old coat, Trisha has done a fantastic job!”

Miss. A. Patel

Although not created from a preloved item of clothing, I used this understated tweed to create an oversized flap clutch with a matching card purse to gift to a friend. To complement the tweed fabric satin in teal was used for lining.

"I was so pleased and touched with the end result. I felt emotional when I saw the bag and all the small detail Trisha C Design adds to the packaging was special and personal. Highly recommend this wonderful company."

Mrs R. Halai

Preloved blouse

“I absolutely love what Trisha has turned my blouse into. My bag looks lush. Every bit of the bag is perfect. She really thought about how she was going to put it together and even worked on positioning the bird print in the right place. The green really complements the blouse. I literally gave Trisha my blouse, told her I wanted her to make me a bag out of it with and inside pocket and a chain and left the rest to her. She has made me a stunning bag and it’s now my favourite bag! I am totally a fan and I can’t wait to up cycle more of my clothes.”


Mrs N. Varshani

Perfect example of how a preloved shirt can be transformed into a whole new collection when combined with other fabrics that complement the initial article!

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