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The Design Journey

We are all different, we are all unique in our own beautiful way and I believe that this is something to celebrate.

My aspiration has been to create crystal jewellery and accessories that have healing properties, promoting our mental wellbeing as well as offering unique pieces for the unique you.

Thus, my saying 'One of a Kind for One of You' was born

Trish x

Save for the crystals we sell, everything is handmade and crafted by Trish at her home in Cambridgeshire, UK. Surrounded by the sounds of the beautiful nature of the Fenlands which brings the inspiration of her creations.


Every piece is made with different variations of a product creating unique pieces every single time paying close attention to detail.


We thrive to provide durable jewellery and accessories that can last a lifetime thus, it can take months for a product to trialed and tested throughout the process prior to launching. 


An extensive internal category of all the creations is maintained ensuring no product has been duplicated.


Our quality principles are immense, as well as ensuring our sustainable materials are of the highest quality, once a product has been created our time is spent in ensuring we are extremely happy and satisfied with it, bringing you a handmade, unique, high quality product that can last a lifetime.

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