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Our Sustainability Commitment

Recycled Metal Materials

We are reducing our emissions by using recycled gold and sterling silver. Using recycled metals requires less resources, less water usage, less pollution and expends less energy than mining new metals as well as other environmental impacts. No quality or purity is lost in the recycling process and so recycled metals are the same as newly mined metals, but significantly more sustainable. 

Consciously Sourced

A majority of craved crystals are not craved where they are mined. This creates a bigger carbon footprint then those crystals that are raw and polished. Craved crystals start off their journey from the mines, they get sent to another country to be craved either by hand or machine, they then get shipped back to the supplier, then they would get shipped to us. This is why we will only ever source crystals that have been polished and craved by hand in close proximity to where they have been mined reducing our emissions. 

14k gold filled, 925 sterling silver, 14k rose gold filled

Sustainable Smudge Supplier

All of our smudge comes directly from California. Often when white sage has not been harvested correctly it results in disrespectful cultural appropriation. Our smudging products are never harvested from public lands or Native American reservations, it is grown and harvested sustainably. Our supplier is a family owned and operated business that have been growing white sage and other plants and herbs for over a decade.

Ispalla Palo Santo Incense

Our Ispalla Palo Santo Incense comes directly from Peru. They are hand rolled with 100% Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) tree resin that have naturally fallen and dried for 5 years, collected from dry forests of Piura in Peru, sustainably harvested and contains no chemicals at all. The incense sticks also last longer than the traditional Palo Stick wood sticks and as a result less Palo Santo is acquired making them even more so sustainable. We have a close working relationship with our Peruvian suppliers and absolutely love their business ethos which also supports the local communities of northern Peru. We are currently the only UK distributors of Ispalla Palo Santo Incense.

100% Recycled/Reusable Packaging

Our boxes, tissue, wood shavings and stickers are 100% recyclable. Whilst our brand boxes are new we try to reuse the mailing boxes we receive in the post. Our handmade bags and pouches are reusable and repurposable.

Repurposing Crystals

No crystals go to waste here. On the rare occasion, we may receive broken that have been damaged in transit. These do not get wasted. We cleanse the crystals and use them in our wall art. The few that do not get used get immense gratitude from us and go back to our Mother Earth.

Carbon Neutral Aspiration

Being a small business can sometimes make being environmental friendly hard due to upfront costs and lack of resources. However, we are consciously making it our policy is to avoid and reduce carbon emissions and our environmental impact wherever it is possible.

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