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Taking loving care of your Crystals


Crystal healing is a non-intrusive holistic approach. They can help you physically, emotionally and mentally - mind, body and soul. Crystals have a very unique special quality and are known for their piezoelectric effect; they can accumulate and hold an electric charge. Crystals and gemstones respond to the Earth’s energy field. When crystals and gemstones enter your aura, they can change the vibrations of your aura adding to the healing properties of the crystals and gemstones. Although their energy is healing, they bring greater healing through the intentions and affirmations placed in them. Crystal’s energy comes from you and your personality, it is important to handle them with care, respect and love.


So let's get started!

Programming & Setting your Intentions

Programming and setting your intentions

Crystals can be activated and attuned by your vibrations when they enter your aura and by touching and holding them.

Each crystal has certain properties and you should set your intentions accordingly to its renowned particular healing modality. With our special crystal blends it’s important to set your intentions according to that particular healing blend. So, for example, ‘All Chakra’ blend you would set your intentions to help you balance, clear blockages of your chakras.


It’s easy, always go with your instincts, hold the crystal(s) in your hands, take your time, take deep breathes, concentrate on the feel of the vibrations, sometimes it’s a sense of warmth, cold, tingling sensation, light or heavy feel – all equally a vibration you are feeling from the crystal(s), visualise what you desire and imagine living with what you want for the crystal, say your affirmation of intent e.g. “I ask that this crystal will assist me with…. for the highest good”




Attunement is when you ask the crystal to “talk to you” with clear messages as your own. Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, cover with the other hand and concentrate on what you are doing, ask the crystal to help you find its special energy, use your intuition to decide what to use the crystal for. You can also use oracle cards (angel, tarot, lunar, etc.) to help guide you with messages, spread the cards out and speak to the crystal to guide you to a particular card.

New Moon

New Moon is a time to reach out to your inner truth and manifest for the next moon cycle and therefore it is the best time to set your intentions or reprogram your crystals with new intentions. Nevertheless, you can still cleanse your crystals and set your intentions any time of the lunar cycle.


IMG_0976 2.jpeg


Healing Stones

Cleansing your crystals are very important but don’t feel guilty if you can’t get the time to cleanse them. Use your intuition, when you feel like the crystal is not working for you or you get a feeling of dullness from them it is time to cleanse. 

Cleansing your crystals will bring back the crystal’s original energy, a way to recalibrate the energy so the stone is clear once again. There are many ways in which you can cleanse your crystals. Many crystals can be cleanses with water but there are some crystals that cannot be cleansed with water so the safest way to cleanse is Full Moon cleansing and Smudge.

Full Moon

Place your crystal in direct sight of the Full Moon, leave it overnight and let the energy of the Moon recharge the crystal, this can be outside if it won’t rain or on your windowsill. Don’t worry if it’s cloudy, the Full Moon’s energy is still there and is just as effective. Remember recharging isn't the same as cleansing and if you're using your crystals on a daily basis then cleanse regularly using the method below to continue to receive the energy from your crystal. 



Solar System


White Sage, Palo Santo or Sandalwood smudge. Hold the crystal lightly moving it back and forth through the smoke to clear the energy.

Other Crystals

Crystals such as Selenite, Carnelian and Kyanite can charge and cleanse other crystals. These crystals can be formed into trays, plates and trinket dishes. Our charging products coming soon! 

Crystal resin trays
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